Dulle-gil Course 5 “Nuri Trail”

Theme : Nuri Trail

Distance : 7km

Duration : 2 hours

Course : Source of Bereunecheon → Gingko tree under protection → Tomb of Yi Han-gyu → Pottery Museum → Million Rose Garden → Bucheon Local Historical Records Hall → Agijangsu Rock → Cherry Blossom Garden → Chunuijeong→ Wonmisan Mountain

Experiential Aspects of Nuri Trail

Experiential Aspects of Nuri Trail
Name of placeExperiential aspects
Tomb of Yi Han-gyuIt is the tomb of Yi Han-gyu, a military official of the late Joseon Dynasty who came from today’s Yeowol-dong region in Ojeong-gu, Bucheon.
Million Rose GardenCentered on Dodangsan Mountain in Bucheon, it is a space that spans an area of over 14,200 ㎡ on which 150,000roses planted since 1998 can be enjoyed.
Local Historical Records HallIt is a museum that spans an area of over 220㎡ that was constructed on May 18th, 2000, by changing the land on which a park management office had situated, inside Dodang Rose Garden located in Dodang-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon.
Dodang Botanical GardenDodang Botanical Garden was established in the area near San 25-5 Dodang-dong by reflecting the needs of citizens who seek a green environment around their residences. Consisted of a flower garden, wild flower bed, swamp garden, etc., it is a place where a variety of colors and three-dimensional effects by seasonal changes can be experienced in the city.
Agijangsu RockIt is a rock located in Jeolgol on the north side of Chunuisan Mountain in Dodang-dong. It is known that, a long time ago, a young man of great strength, or Jangsa, came from Gyeyangsan Mountain, which is regarded as the guardian mountain of Bucheon, stepped on this rock only with his right foot to urinate and went away to Gwanaksan Mountain, which is where the name originates from.
Cherry Blossom GardenEstablished in 1998 by Bucheon based on the political decision to create an eco-city spanning over Dodang-dong, Chunui-dong and Yeowol-dong in Wonmi-gu, it is a 1.8 km-long garden where 30- to 40-year-old cherry blossom trees grow inside Dodang Park. Every April, Dodangsan Cherry Blossom Festival is held on the outdoor stage in Cherry Blossom Garden.
Octagonal Pavilion
Dodangsan Mountain’s Chunjibong Peak is located at the boundary of Dodang-dong, Chunui-dong and Yeowol-dong and is a flat grassland. Its name refers to a “site to which spring comes”. In 1997, Bucheon built an octagonal pavilion here and named it Chunuijeong.

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 5

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 5