Dulle-gil Course 1 “Local Relic Forest Trail”

Theme : Ecology of forest and exploration of local relics

Distance : 9 km

Duration : 4 hours

Course :Gogang Prehistoric Relics Park → Neung Pass → Sureong Pass → Bucheon Botanical Garden → Azalea Garden → Wonmijeong → Sosa Station

Experiential Aspects of Local Relic Forest Trail

Experiential Aspects of Local Relic Forest Trail
Name of placeExperiential aspects
Gogang Prehistoric SiteIt is a village relic that was formed from the Bronze Age to early Iron Age (6th century B.C. to 3rd century A.D.). It was first discovered when remains from the Stone Age were discovered along a hiking trail in the mountain behind Janggae Village during a flood in summer of 1995.
JeolgolThere was a Buddhist temple, or Jeol, a long time ago and a story exists that a monk ran away from the temple because there were too many bedbugs. This is the origin of the name, “Jeolgol”.
Kkachiul Filtration PlantIt is a spring for the people of Bucheon that produces and supplies 235,000 tons of tap water every day in Wonmi and Ojeong regions of Bucheon.
Bucheon BotanicalIt is a botanical garden built as a glass greenhouse that mimics the shape of a peach blossom, the symbol of Bucheon. It consists of 5 theme gardens including Fun Botanical Garden, Subtropical Botanical Garden, Autogenous Botanical Garden and Aquatic Botanical Garden.
GardenEcho Youth Training Center, located at the eastern foot of Wonmisan Mountain, is a youth activity facility constructed by the city of Bucheon and operated by Bucheon Cultural Foundation. It provides information and materials including books related to nature and the ecosystem.
Echo Youth Training CenterIt is a recreation site for the people of Bucheon where more than 35,000 azalea flowers display a splendid spring view at the foot of Wonmisan which stands 167 m high. “Wonmisan Azalea Festival” is held every April.

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 1

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 1