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Current status

kimpo seoul ojeongu incheon wonmigu siheung sosagu gwang myeong

Population & No. of Households

  • 868,106 residents and 338,759 households
  • Foreign Residents: 24,338


  • Annual Temperature 12.8℃ (Average Temp. in Jan.:
    -3.8℃ / Average Temp. in Aug. 26.6℃)


  • 133 schools
  • 64 elementary schools, 32 middle schools, 28 high schools,
    5 other educational institutions, 4 Universities (colleges)

Administrative Districts

  • 36 dongs, 702 tongs, 5,049 bans

Administrative Organization

  • Headquarters: 6 divisions, 38 teams
  • Dong: 36 dongs, 29 teams
  • Immediate control: 1 public health center, 5 teams
  • Public officials: 2,403 (max. capacity) people
  • Worksites: 5 business places, 21 teams

Number of businesses and employees working in Bucheon

  • 10,553 companies, 72,633 employees
  • 2016 economy census results announced in late June of 2017


  • 53.4㎢ (0.5% of Gyeonggi-do)
  • Limited development district: 16.68㎢ (31.2% of entire area)

Date of Record

  • Dece 31, 2018
  • Bucheon City Gu/Dong Composition

English/Chinese Names of Administrative Districts in Bucheon

English/Chinese Names of Administrative Districts in Bucheon
Category Administrative Welfare Center Korean name Chinese name English name
Bucheon-si Simgok2-dong Administrative Welfare Center (5 dongs) 심곡2동 深谷2洞 Simgok2-dong
심곡1동 深谷1洞 Simgok1-dong
심곡3동 深谷3洞 Simgok3-dong
원미2동 遠美2洞 Wonmi2-dong
소사동 素砂洞 Sosa-dong
Wonmi1-dong Administrative Welfare Center (5 dongs) 원미1동 遠美1洞 Wonmi1-dong
역곡1동 驛谷1洞 Yeokgok1-dong
역곡2동 驛谷2洞 Yeokgok2-dong
춘의동 春衣洞 Chunui-dong
도당동 陶唐洞 Dodang-dong
Jung-dong Administrative Welfare Center (2 dongs) 중동 中洞 Jung-dong
상동 上洞 Sang-dong
Jung4-dong Administrative Welfare Center (5 dongs) 중4동 中4洞 Jung4-dong
약대동 若大洞 Yakdae-dong
중1동 中1洞 Jung1-dong
중2동 中2洞 Jung2-dong
중3동 中3洞 Jung3-dong
Sang2-dong Administrative Welfare Center (3 dongs) 상2동 上2洞 Sang2-dong
상1동 上1洞 Sang1-dong
상3동 上3洞 Sang3-dong
Simgokbon-dong Administrative Welfare Center (4 dongs) 심곡본동 深谷本洞 Simgokbon-dong
심곡본1동 深谷本1洞 Simgokbon1-dong
송내1동 松內1洞 Songnae1-dong
송내2동 松內2洞 Songnae2-dong
Sosabon-dong Administrative Welfare Center (2 dongs) 소사본동 素砂本洞 Sosabon-dong
소사본3동 素砂本3洞 Sosabon3-dong
Goean-dong Administrative Welfare Center (3 dongs) 괴안동 槐安洞 Goean-dong
범박동 範朴洞 Beombak-dong
역곡3동 驛谷3洞 Yeokgok3-dong
Seonggok-dong Administrative Welfare Center (3 dongs) 성곡동 城谷洞 Seonggok-dong
고강본동 古康本洞 Gogangbon-dong
고강1동 古康1洞 Gogang1-dong
Ojeong-dong Administrative Welfare Center (4 dongs) 오정동 梧亭洞 Ojeong-dong
원종1동 遠宗1洞 Wonjong1-dong
원종2동 遠宗2洞 Wonjong2-dong
신흥동 新興洞 Sinheung-dong