Basic Plan for Economic Growth

Basic Diagram

Basic Plan for Economic Growth

Urban Development Strategies in Economy

Urban Development Strategies in Economy
Direction to pursueStrategies to pursue
Establishing high added value knowledge base

Establishing knowledge technology-type industry location

New industrial complex development, advancement of industrial regions and complexes, global-scale operating facilities, etc.

Constructing industry, academia, research and government network in local industries, and supporting management of small to medium businesses

Attracting R&D agencies in new growth industries and establishing innovation clusters

Integration and advancement of knowledge-based industries, innovating domestic and global sales outlets, etc.

Strengthening job support system

Supporting creation of jobs tailored to each region, resolving mismatch of employment and recruitment, etc.

Fostering social corporations, establishing local recruitment governance, reinforcing cooperation among labor, management,private sector and government, etc.

Reinforcing global competitiveness of 5 specialized industries

Strategically supporting 5 specialized high-value industries to foster next-generation growth power industries

Smart advancement of molding industry

Establishing national molding infrastructure including Korea Mold Center

Enhancing smart molding technology platform development project

Driving a new growth in lighting industry

Supporting LED convergence lighting technology, obtaining global test certifications, establishing standard infrastructure, etc.

Advancing robotics industry

Supporting commercialization of robotics convergence parts, establishing infrastructure including research equipment, etc.

Evaluating performance of robot parts, verifying reliability, fostering professional manpower in robotics industry

Hub of packaging industry

Establishing a knowledge network among industry, academia and research

Government awards, exhibitions and international symposiums on new technology in packaging

Establishing a basis for fostering of ceramics industry

Establishing ceramics infrastructure and providing technical support, fostering talents, etc.

Supporting Bucheon Business Growth Support Center

Vitalizing logistics industry

Expanding role of Ojeong Logistics Complex

Establishing integrated logistics function system and livestock products logistics complex

Growing competitive traditional markets and malls

Modernizing facility and management of traditional markets

Reinforcing the basis for small traders to be independent

Supporting focused growth of specialization markets