Dulle-gil Course 4 “Golden Field Trail”

Theme : Experience Golden Field Trail in Daejang-dong

Distance : 13km

Duration : 3 hours

Course : Bongo-daero → Daejang Field → Ojeong Grand Park → Stele for Byeon Jong-in

Experiential Aspects of Field Trail

Experiential Aspects of Field Trail
Name of placeExperiential aspects
Gindung BridgeIt is a bridge established on Dongbu Waterway, also known as “Debuduk” or “Ganseokduk”. The inner part of the embankment is Daejang-dong, Bucheon, and across the bridge lies Ogok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul.
Dongbu WaterwayThis waterway served an important role a long time ago by supplying water during the farming seasons. Next to the waterway, a small trail with Daejang-dong murals comes up before reaching Daejang-dong Welfare Center.
Bicycle Culture CenterThe bike riding movement, which had started in the Ojeong region of Bucheon, spread throughout the city, which led to the establishment of Bucheon Bicycle Culture Center at the entrance of Ojeong Grand Park.
Goriulcheon StreamGoriul is a former name of Gogang-dong, Bucheon. The name of this stream comes from the fact that it passes in front of a village called Goriul.
Meonmaru Dodang WellThe name stems from 200 years ago when approximately 100 households settled in the inner part of Wonjong-dong and began using the Dodang Well together as a village.
Stele for Byeon Jong-inStele for Byeon Jong-in was designated as Bucheon’s Local Relic No. 1 on April 29th, 1986. It is a memorial stone of Gongjanggong Byeon Jong-in who achieved the feat of conquering Yi Si-ae’s Rebellion during the reign of King Sejo.

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 4

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 4