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Dulle-gil Course 2 “Forest Therapy Trail”

Theme : Forest Therapy Trail

Distance : 7km

Duration : 3 hours

Course : Seoul Theological University → Hau Pass → Mari Pass→ Seongju Middle School → Songnae Station

Experiential Aspects of Forest Therapy Trail

Experiential Aspects of Forest Therapy Trail
Name of place Experiential aspects
Bokcheon Pastor Songam Ham Tae-yeong, Korea’s 3rd vice president, visited here on March 5th, 1958 and saw a pleasant mineral spring to which he presented the name “Bokcheon”, praying that it would be a blessed spring.
Yeou Pass It was a remote area with many trees and a great number of foxes, which is where the name, “Yeou Pass” comes from. On the east and west of Yeou Pass, there are Halmisan Mountain and Seongjusan Mountain, respectively. During spring, cherry blossoms adorn the hillside.
Hau Pass A long time ago, merchants who traveled back and forth between Baemnae Market (present-day Sincheon-dong, Siheung) and Hwanghae Market (present-day Gyeyang-myeon, Gimpo) often passed Hau Pass. The name stems from the fact that the merchants let out heavy breaths, “Hau, Hau”, while walking over steep hills.
Mari Pass It refers to a hilly road from present-day Samik Apartment and Sosa Police Station, passing by Bucheonnam Middle School and reaching the upper part of Dotigol. People typically went over Mari Pass to go to Incheon, and there is now a military camp located here.
Peach Farm As a place where peaches, a regional product of Bucheon, are cultivated, it hosts a Peach Festival every year in early August, supervised by Songnae 1-dong citizens community committee.
Songnae Station The station opened in 1974 as Bucheon became a city. The name stems from “Solan” and it is rising as a hub of transportation since a number of freeways connecting corners of the country go through Songnae Station.

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 2

Comprehensive Map of Dulle-gil Course 2