Supported agency: Korea Packaging Center (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)

What is the packaging industry?

A hidden force in the product-packaging manufacturing industry, a future smart sensitivity convergence industry, rather than mere packaging, with a distinctive competitive edge in the global market to attract consumers

Business areas

Business areas3

01 R&D technical development, technology transfer and technical guidance leading domestic packaging

02 Prototype manufacturing support and product analysis evaluation for technical support provided to small and medium companies

03 Policy development and technical planning for development of packaging industry

04 Development of education curriculum and fostering of professional talents for each area and level of packaging

05 Government rewards for new technology in packaging and operating domestic and overseas exhibits

06 Construction of domestic packaging statistics and corporate support database

07 Operating technical exchange seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc. in packaging

08 Promotional activities for propagation of technology to small and medium companies

09 Global cooperation through international packaging agency activities

Major tasks

1. Promoting next-generation convergence packaging R&D

Research in core technology for competitive technical development in the global market

Technical development in next-generation packaging and introductory research in packaging

Packaging Engineering, Sustainable packaging, Active Intelligent Packaging

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2. Technical support for small and medium companies

Technical support for small and medium companies

One-stop (total solutions) service specializing in packaging

Support packaging design/analysis and manufacturing of engineering design prototypes

Support packaging engineering design technology to which customer needs are addressed by using the latest engineering design tool

Support buffer design sketch and modeling for each item of demand

Support design of optimum and lightweight packaging containers and trays

Manufacturing of optimum packaging through customized 2D and 3D buffer structure design

Achieving stabilization of packaging through engineering analysis

Support manufacturing of packaging film prototypes

Support manufacturing of film prototypes for the development of competitive packaging film materials in the global market

Support manufacturing of prototypes of multi-layered soft packaging materials

Support technology in die casting and blown film manufacturing

Support setting of M/B contents and final recipes

Support setting of optimum processes considering minimization of deviations in gauges and maximization of productivity

Support packaging test analysis evaluation

Support accurate product analysis/ evaluation by the latest packaging testing analysis devices

Technical support in evaluation in terms of environmental impact and functionality, etc.

Support resolution of difficulties in small and medium companies’ product evaluation

Close-to-site technical guidance by fielding difficulties and providing accurate feedback from product manufacturing to analysis


Designated as “Korea’s first officially certified lab” by Mocon of U.S., a manufacturer of ASTM international standard devices

3. Professional development training in packaging

Professional training in packaging and analysis device training for development of work competency of packaging technical manpower

Professional training in packaging and analysis device training for development of work competency of packaging technical manpower

Professional packaging training

Professional packaging training

Training curriculum in common packaging technology

Professional training curriculum in packaging materials

Training education in packaging spatial ratio design, etc.

Packaging device analysis training

Packaging penetrance analysis theory and training education

Packaging thermal analysis theory and training education

Packaging material analysis and training education

Packaging component analysis and training education

Packaging technical seminar


4. Operating government awards (Korea Star Awards) for future packaging technology and exhibit halls

korea star awards

Implementing government awards for those who contribute to the development of outstanding technology in the packaging industry to nurture the pride and self-esteem of workers in the packaging industry, spread an atmosphere of technical innovation through sharing of the latest technology and instill a willingness for technical development (since 2007)

Designate qualifications of submission to overseas packaging awards



Operating promotion halls to showcase winners of domestic and international packaging-related exhibits

Hosted by: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Supervised by: Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, held every year


5. Establishing a basis for entry into the global market through international exchange activities

Establishing a basis for entry into the global market through international exchange activities

World Packaging Organization (WPO) activities

WPO is an agency that collects feedback from various nations for the promotion of the global packaging industry and public interests related to packaging in which 43 countries around the world (38 Full Members, 5 Affiliate Members) are members.

Asian Packaging Federation (APF) activities

APF is Asia’s only private organization founded for public interests throughout Asia related to packaging through, for example, policy and technical exchanges on packaging, and 14 countries including Korea, Japan and China are its members.

6. Investigation of current conditions of domestic packaging industry

Through an investigation of current conditions of the packaging industry, the scope and status of the domestic packaging industry are analyzed and estimated, and it is to be utilized as base materials for establishing packaging-related policies and development plans in the future.Through periodic investigations, time series data is secured, which may be utilized for accurate prediction of the growth of the packaging industry in the future

7. Technical exchanges and networking in packaging

Establishing a basis for formation of industry, academia and research network in packaging Establishing a place of efficient technical and informational exchanges and cooperation Developing and proposing specialized policies to foster each area of packaging through technical exchanges and analysis of difficulties faced by companies