Supported agency : Korea Mold Center (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Association of Machinery Industry)

What is the molding industry?

A high-value industry that can perform mass production of precision products

Business areas

Business areas

01 Research development and technology transfer of next-generation molding technology

02 Close technical support utilizing advanced devices related to molds

03 Fostering of manpower in small and medium companies of the molding industry and re-training of on-site technical personnel

04 Consulting and guidance on difficulties at production sites

05 Establishment and operation of basis for strengthened technical competitiveness in the molding industry

06 Hosting technical exchange sessions and conferences for vitalization of the molding industry

07 Analysis of the latest molding technology and trends

08 Technical development of smart factories in the molding industry

09 Policy development for continuous growth of the molding industry

Major tasks

major tasks

1. Major company support project

Commercialization technology close support project

Joint utilization and close support of advanced devices for assistance of difficulties faced by companies

Support in design, engineering, processing, building, measurement and testing of molds

Support research and development of next-generation molding technology

Support development of eco-friendly, high-performance, high-value materials, parts and processing and manufacturing technology

Support high-precision injection and press molding building technology and micro mold/building technology

Support design of core functional parts and development of production technology

Establishing and operating a foundation for strengthening of technical competitiveness in molding industry

Operating cooperation system in engineering design utilizing virtualization technology

Evaluating variable properties of plastic and operating an analysis system

Hosting molding technology exchange sessions and conferences for vitalization of molding industry

Organizing and operating industry-academia consulting group related to the molding industry

Hosting international molding conference for provision of the latest information on global molding technology

Hosting molding technology exchange sessions

Fielding difficulties related to molding technology and hosting SST for consulting sessions

Policy development and technical planning for growth of molding industry

Collecting and analyzing data from Korea and overseas

Establishing the means to support domestic molding technology

2. Supporting demand-response type assignments to solve difficulties faced by companies

Support free entry method for partner companies

Fielding difficulties: companies in need of solving difficulties in technology

Diagnosis and matching: matching researchers in charge after diagnosis of assignment and technical areas, etc.

Preparation of business plan and sales Detailed diagnosis and submission of report after the matched researcher in charge visits the site

Selection and agreement: Participant companies agree to pay fees within 20 days of being notified of selection

Performing project and reporting results: Completion report and evaluation within 1 month

3. Education

Beginners’ and intermediate education on 3D molding and product modeling (NX UG)

Beginners’ and intermediate education on 3D molding and product modeling (Solid Edge)

CAM basics of molding core processing (NX CAM)

Fundamentals of plastic molding injection molding analysis (MAPS-3D)

Fundamentals of press molding (casting/forging) fabrication analysis (DEFORM)