Bucheon International Comics Fair

BICOF(Bucheon International Comics Fair)

Held annually in September since 1998, the BICOF promotes the comics industry and relevant businesses in Korea and around the world. It is recognized as a specialized festival for global comics publishers and comic artists.

Event Details


Late-July every year


Korea Manhwa Contents Agency


Various events and interactive events including international comics exhibitions and screenings, digital content fair, academic presentations, costume play, etc.


Address : Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, 1 Giljuro (Sang-dong), Bucheon, Korea Postal Code (14505)

Tel : 032-310-3071~2 / 032-310-3090~3091 (Inquiries about museum visits)

Fax : 032-661-3747

E-mail : bicof@komacon.kr

Korea Comics Museum

Korea Comics Museum is one of Bucheon's ultra-large culture complexes encompassing Comics Museum, Comics Library and Animation Theater, and was built to help disseminate the Korean comics culture.

Operation of Comics Museum

Operation of Comics Museum (http://comicsmuseum.org/museum/)


Operation of Comics Library

Operation of Comics Library (http://www.comicsmuseum.org/library)

It is free to visit Comics Library during the week (Tue-Fri)! Enjoy more than 250,000 comic books, the greatest archive of comics in Korea! Contact (Hye-yeong Kim, Museum Management Team, 032-320-3100)


Digital Comics Gyujanggak

Digital Comics Gyujanggak (http://www.kcomics.net)

Vital infrastructure of Korean comics industry that systematically collects and preserves all books and materials related to Korean and international comics and establishes a comprehensive database of authors, comics, magazines, literary events, organizations and education agencies, providing useful information for anyone from authors to students, fans and even entrepreneurs and policy makers to easily utilize.Korea's leadingcomics information portal! Comprehensive database of domestic and international comics!