Boksagol Arts Festival

Boksagol Arts Festival

Before Bucheon was established as a city on July 1, 1973, the area was called Sosa-eup. Around 1923, peaches from Sosa were famous as one of the nation’s top three fruits in the nation, along with Daegu apples and Gupo pears. The Boksagol Arts Festival was launched on April 29, 1985 in the hometown of peaches to revive rural villages by providing a platform to develop a love for such towns and create harmony through citizen participation.Boksagol Arts Festival is held every May to bring together professional artists and citizens to engage in exchange and expand the spirit of participation of the local residents. The festival has also provided a range of culture and arts services and a foundation for Bucheon to grow as a culture-city.

Festival Details


Early May every year


Bucheon City Hall, Central Park, Boksagol Cultural Center, etc.


Korean Artistic & Cultural Organizations, Bucheon Branch


Address : 304 Boksagol Cultural Center, 107 Jangmal-ro, Bucheon-city, Korea (Postal code 14596) Korean Artistic & Cultural Organizations,Bucheon Branch

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