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Simgokcheon Stream

Simgokcheon Stream

Location : Area surrounding 193, Simgok-dong, Bucheon (Somyong Girls’ High School Sageori – Bucheon Fire Station)


Simgokcheon is an old waterway of Bucheon that runs through the center of the city, and was covered up during 1983 and 1986 as a part of Bucheon’s urban development project. For 3 decades, the upper section was used as a road while the lower section was used as a sewer. As the urban development became more advanced and demand for restoration of Simgokcheon arose, a restoration plan was established and construction was carried out for 28 months from December 2014 to April 2017.The restored area was a 0.95 km-section from Somyong Girls’ High School Sageori to Bucheon Fire Station. The slope of the stream was set up with natural rocks and various kinds of trees and flowers reside, being utilized as an environment-friendly waterside space in the city.Water from the stream is supplied by purifying and recycling sewage in the sewage treatment plant (21,000㎥/day) to enable clean water to be available for 365 days a year, which is considered as a model case study for recycling of resources.