Starting from Harbin, China in 1995, Bucheon City has also established sisterhood with other 7 cities abroad in five countries including Weihei, Japan, Russia, the U.S., and the Philippinesor the city.

OverseasKhabarovsk, Russia(Jun.24,2002)Harbin, Heilongjang, China (Nov.28,1995)Bakersfield, California, U.S. (Sep. 25,2006)Weilhel, Sandong, China (Feb. 26,2000)Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan (Oct, 21,1996)Valenzuela,Philippines (Jun. 24,2008)Okayama, Okayama, Japan (Feb. 26.2002)

Overseas Sister Cities and Friendship Cities Status

Overseas Sister Cities and Friendship Cities Status
By CityCity OverviewRelationship (Date of Establishment)Signature Made by
Bucheon CityCounterpart
Harbin Heilongjang, China (黑龍江省哈爾濱市)Population991 Tens of thousandssister city (Nov. 28, 1995)Bucheon City mayor Lee Hae-seonHarbin, Mayor 汪光燾 (Wang Gwnag-do)
Temperature5.4℃ on average
Regional FeaturesAn economic and cultural hub in Heilongjang, China replete with natural resources such as oil and forests
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan (神奈川縣川崎市)Population145 Tens of thousandsFriendship city (Oct. 21, 1996)Bucheon City mayor Lee Hae-seonKawasaki Mayor 高橋淸 (Takahishi Giyoshi)
Temperature15.8℃ on average
Regional FeaturesA central information city located between Tokyo and Yokohama. Advanced self-governing city in terms of environment, information disclosure, social education, etc. designated by the government.
Weihei Sandong, China (山東省威海市)Population281 Tens of thousandsEconomic/cultural cityFriendship city (Jan. 7, 2000)Bucheon City mayor Won Hae-yeongWeihei Mayor 宋遠方 (Song Won-bang)
Temperature12℃ on average
Regional FeaturesLocated at the eastern end of Sandong peninsula, China. Nationally designated rural environmental city, as well as a tourism &recreation city
Okayama, Okayama, Japan (岡山縣岡山市)Population71 Tens of thousandsFriendship city (Feb. 26, 2002)Bucheon City mayor Won Hae-yeongOkayama Mayor 萩原誠司 (Hagiwara Seiji)
Temperature15℃ on average
Regional FeaturesLocated at the western part of central Japan (between Hiroshima and Osaka) and the largest city in Okayama prefecture
Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk, RussiaPopulation60 Tens of thousandssister city (Jun. 24, 2002)Bucheon City mayor Won Hae-yeongKhabarovsk Mayor Alexander N. Sokolov
Temperature-1.7℃ on average
Regional FeaturesThe base of the anti-Japanese movement during the independence movement. A crossing point of the Siberia crossing railway and the administrative, industrial, and cultural center
Bakersfield, California U.S.Population35 Tens of thousandssister city (Sep. 25, 2006)Bucheon City mayor Hong Geon-pyoBakersfield Mayor Harvey L. Hall
Temperature18.27℃ on average
Regional FeaturesThe 11th largest city in California. It takes 2 to 3 hours from L,A, to farming cities with large oil reserves
Valenzuela, PhilippinesPopulation59 Tens of thousandssister city (Jun. 25, 2008)Bucheon City mayor Hong Geon-pyoValenzuela Mayor Sherwin T. Gatchalian
Temperature18.27℃ on average
Regional FeaturesLocated at the northwestern part of Metro Manila and 2nd largest city in the 17 cities of Metro Manila. 1 hour distance from Manila airport