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  • Heart Attack Coping-CPR (119)
    • Order
      Situation handling
      Check consciousness when found
      • Make sure the surroundings are safe and then lay the person straight.
       • Tap the person on the shoulder to wake up and see the reaction
      Point out someone to call an ambulance (☎ 119)
      • Point out a person nearby with a loud voice to ask to report 119.
       • Ask to fetch AED (automated external defibrillator) if available
      Find the chest compression point
      • Put one palm on the center of the patient's chest(lower half of sternum) and overlap your other hand on it.
      ※ Be careful no fingers touch the chest
      Compress the chest
      • Compress at a speed of 100 to 120 times per minute, about 5 cm deep
      •Allow the chest to rise completely after each compression
       (compression and relaxation time should be about the same)
       • Load your weight with your arms straight and compress perpendicular to the patient's body.
  • How to deal with an accident/incident
    • Order
      Situation handling
      Evacuate all passengers to a safe place
      • Evacuate to a safe place to prevent the second accident
       • Install a sign to (warning triangle, fire signal) notify the accident
      Report for emergency rescue and treatment (☎ 119)
      • Even light wounds should be promptly treated to prevent from aftereffect.
      Check information and collect data,
      such as pictures/video of the scene
      • Accident scene, personal information of accident parties, witness statements
       • Convenient to use a smartphone camera
      Report the accident/incident to the police (☎ 112)
      • Police report for quick clear up of the accident scene
      Insurance company report
      • Report accident to your insurance company
      Check the accident negligence
      • Use the negligence rate standard website (accident.knia.or.kr) and the app
  • Crime Prevention Guide for Foreigners
    • Crime types easily committed without knowing (subject to punishment, fines, etc.)
      • Penalty for possessing a weapon
       - Carrying a weapon that can cause harm, such as a knife, iron bar and hacksaw, without justifiable reason is punishable by law.
      • Gambling or providing gambling place is punishable by law.
       - Partaking in gambling-related games such as betting money on Mahjong (China), Sokdiya (Vietnam), and Poker is punishable by law.
       - Providing a place for gambling is punishable equivalent to the act of gambling.
      • Beware of Smishing (Smishing: text message phishing)
       - Smishing is a fraud where malicious code is installed when clicking an Internet address sent via mobile phone text message, causing a small sum transaction made
      or financial information stolen.
      • If you take possession of any object, such as a bicycle on the street, that is not yours is punishable by law.
      • Sending money abroad through transactions between individuals without going through financial institutions is punishable by law.
      • Foreigners of over 17 years should always carry their passport or alien registration card, and is punishable if in violation.
      • Driving a car or motorcycle without a license or while drunk is punishable by law.
      • Violation of basic orders is punishable by law.
       - If you litter cigarette butts, chewing gum and trash anywhere
       - If you spit mindlessly in public places or smoking in non-smoking places
       - If the motorcycle driver or passenger is not wearing a safety helmet
       - If you jaywalk without using the overpass or crosswalk when crossing the road
      How to report a crime (112)
      Even with illegal immigrants, for certain crime victims, such as murder, rape, robbery, assault, or injury, they are exempted from the immigration office report
      for crime victim rescue and human rights violation prevention.
      • When reporting, state when, where and how the incident occurred, criminal's impression, features, belongings, number of criminals, direction of escape, means
      should be calmly reported.
      • 112 reports are possible without coins when using emergency calls from public phones (red emergency call button 112), and can be used in an emergency,
      not just for crime.
      • The crime scene must be preserved until the police arrive in order to secure evidence.
      Interpreting is supported during crime report and consultation.
      • When a foreigner reports to 112, the crime and complaints are received through a three-way call using an interpreter service (Caller-Police Officer-Interpreter)
      Car riding safety rules for children
      An accident that occurred with children not wearing seat belts is more dangerous than with adults, and infants under 6 years old should wear infant protective
      equipment, such as car seats.
      - When not wearing child seat belt, a fine of KRW 60,000 is charged. (twice that of for adults, KRW 30,000)
      • Do not ride holding a child (this can be fatal to children in an accident)
      • The adult safety belt cannot protect children, so use protective equipment for children such as safety belts and booster
      • For car seat, the back view type is safer
      • Do not leave children alone in a car