Introducing Dulle-gil

“Bucheon Dulle-gil” was created to be a themed walkway by connecting Bucheon’s mountains, parks, fields and streams into a single path, providing a place for citizens to form communities.

1503, 401, Bucheon Techno Park, 655, Pyeongcheon-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Establishing a distinctive Dulle-gil by combining walking and bike riding, “fun and joy”

Maximizing effect of Dulle-gil by forming a network with Neumnae-gil of Siheung

Forming various citizen-participating communities such as companies, clubs, etc. for operational control

Details by course

Details by course
Name of path
(Theme name)
Time it takes
Path of movementRemarks
Total42 5 courses 
Local Relic Forest Trail94Gogang Prehistoric Relics Park→Bucheon Botanical Garden→Wonmisan Mountain→Sosa StationCourse 1
Forest Therapy Trail73Seoul Theological University→Hau Pass→Mari Pass→Seongju Middle School→Songnae StationCourse 2
Trail along the Water62.5Citizen’s River→Lake Park→Manhwa Contents Agency →GulpocheonCourse 3
Golden Field Trail133.5Bongo-daero→Daejang Field→Ojeong Grand Park→ Stele for Byeon Jong-inCourse 4
Nuri Trail73Bereunecheon→Pottery Museum→Million Rose Garden→Agijangsu Rock→Wonmisan MountainCourse 5

Comprehensive Map of Bucheon Dulle-gil

Comprehensive Map of Bucheon Dulle-gil

Invitations to companies, groups and clubs to participate in “1 trail protected by 1 group” in Bucheon Dulle-gil

What is “1 trail protected by 1 group”?

A sponsorship activity in which each of the companies, groups and clubs takes care of their own trails for environmental preservation of Bucheon Dulle-gil

For : Companies, groups and clubs

Location : Bucheon Dulle-gil (area to manage will be assigned based on sponsorship scale, number of people and activities of the participating group)

Details of activity :Organizing trails, cleaning forest environment, preservation and monitoring of nature, etc.

Other :Assigning community service hours, supporting management materials

Contact :Forest Team, Green Belt Division, Park Project Group, Bucheon City Hall (Tel: 032-625-3576)