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  • Bucheon-based Pro Sports Teams
    • Pro football: BucheonFC1995
      • Home ground: Bucheon Sports Complex
      • 032-655-1995
      • www.bfc1995.com
      Women’s pro basket ball: Bucheon KEB Hana Bank Women’s Basketball Team
      • Home ground: Bucheon Sports Center
      • 02-730-4801~2
      • www.hanafnbasketball.com
  • Bucheon City Tour
    • Information on Schedule
      •Operation period: 10a.m. ~ 4p.m., every Saturday, March ~ November, every year
      •Operation type: 1 tour bus (40 people on first-come-first-serve basis)
      •Departure: 10a.m., next to Bucheon City Council
      •Arrival: 4p.m., bus stop in front of Bucheon City Hall
      •Tour courses
        - Course 1 (Environment travel)
        - Course 2 (Science travel)
        - Course 3 (History travel)
        - Course 4 (Cartoon travel)
      •Reservation: Visit the homepage of Bucheon Cultural Center (First-come-first-serve) (www.bucheonculture.or.kr)
      •Fare: 8,000won ~ 10,000won
  • Places to visit
    • Bucheon trail
      A trail established by connecting the mountains, parks and rivers located on the outskirts of Bucheon. It has 5 courses with the total length of 42.195㎞
      Bucheon trail
      Course Major stops Extension Estimate time
      Course 1 Local relics trail Gogang Prehistoric Park ⇀ Sureonggogae ⇀ Bucheon Botanical Garden ⇀ Azalea garden ⇀ Sosa Station 9㎞ 4hours
      Course 2 Green shower trail Seoul Theological University ⇀ Haugogae ⇀ Marigogae ⇀ Seongju Middle School ⇀ Songnae Station 7㎞ 3hours
      Course 3 Waterside trail Citizens’ river ⇀ Lake park ⇀ KOMACON ⇀ Gulpocheon stream 6㎞ 2.5hours
      Course 4 Golden field trail Bongodae-ro ⇀ Daejangdeulpan ⇀ Ojeongdae park ⇀ Byeon Jong-in memorial stone 13㎞ 3.5hours
      Course 5 Nurigil Bereunecheon ⇀ Earthenware museum ⇀ Baekmansongi rose garden ⇀ Agijangsu rock ⇀ Cherry blossom garden ⇀ Chunuijeong ⇀ Mt. Wonmisan 7㎞ 3hours
      Bucheon Eco Park(032-320-3000)
      Bucheon Botanical Gardens (Butterfly garden)
      • 5 themed halls and 1 experience area exhibiting more than 300 plants including Washington palm trees
      • Admission: 1,000 ~ 2,000won

      Eco Museum
      • It includes an ecological experience hall, river ecology hall, insect hall, dinosaur hall, 3D image hall
      • Operating an agricultural relic exhibition hall
      • Admission : 1,000 ~ 2,000won (Additional fee for 3D image hall)

      Bucheon Mureungdowon Arboretum
      • 1,334 varieties of plants are planted
      • The arboretum includes an ecological pond, rock garden, topiary garden, Gyeryuwon, perennial garden and iris garden
      • Admission: 500 ~ 1,000won
      Bucheon Robo Park
      • The first permanent robot exhibition hall located on 1st – 3rd floors of the robot industry research complex, and it operates diverse science classes for primary and secondary school students
      • Hosting diverse robot competitions such as robot fighting, robot fashion performance and robot competitive exhibition
      • Admission : Free ~ 5,000won
      • 070-709-5479
      Aiins World
      • 68 well-known buildings of 25 countries including cultural heritages designated by UNESCO, and the Seven Wonders of the World exhibited in a miniature size of 1/25.
      • Children’s playgrounds include the Aiins kids rainbow village, Aiins camping site, parrot world and Aiins water world
      • Admission : 8,000 ~ 10,000won
      • 032-320-6000
      Simgok Citizens’ River
      • It was restored as an ecological river after 31 years since 1986 when it was covered with concrete
      • It is an approximately 1km-long urban area from the intersection of Somyeong Girl’s High School to Bucheon public health center covering a trail and Simgokcheon stream. In Simgokcheon, which is 18.6m wide and 25cm deep, more than 21,000 tons of 2nd grade water flows here every day, and a lot of fish live in the water.
      • 032-625-4996
      Sang-dong Citizens’ River
      • The citizens’ river, which was established by making a waterway and having water supplied to the center of town (Sang-dong New Town), is an eco-friendly waterside space where trees, flowers, water and lights are harmonized
      • The water is as clean as the 2nd level water supply source, and a lot of small and big fish live in the water
      • 032-625-4996
      Sang-dong Lake Park
      • It is the largest park in Bucheon, and as there is a route for cyclists and in-line skaters, and others to enjoy riding along the cool water flow
      • As an approximately 2.5km trail is established on the outskirts of the park, people of all ages can enjoy light exercise here
      • 032-625-3482
      Bucheon Baekmansongi Rose Garden
      • It is established with 200,000 roses in Dodang Park across an area of 66,000 ㎡, and diverse roses create a magnificent view at the end of May, every year.
      • People can view the city at a glance, as there is an octagonal pavilion at the peak
      • 032-625-4846
  • Museums of Bucheon
    • Museums of Bucheon
      Name of organization Location Admission Phone Number Summary
      Korea Manhwa Museum 1 Gilju-ro (Sang-dong) 4,000~5,000won 032-310-3020 • Memorial space for 100 years of Korean cartoons
      • Cartoon reading room, experience exhibition
      Bucheon Bow Museum 482 Sosa-ro (In the sports complex) 600~1,000won 032-614-2678~9 • Exhibition of bows, arrows and firing vehicles of each era
      • Education and experience of archery culture
      Bucheon Viewing Stone Museum 032-655-2900 •Exhibition of viewing stones and related materials
      European Porcelain Museum 032-661-0238~9 • Exhibition of European porcelain and crystal works
      Bucheon Education Museum 032-661-1282~3 • Exhibition of textbooks and reference books from the Japanese colonial era to the present day
      Bucheon Earthenware Museum 032-684-9057 • Exhibition of diverse earthenware and the history of them
      Bucheon Water Museum 691 Gilju-ro (Jak-dong) Free 032-625-3399 • Exhibition & experience of the birth, extinction and history of water
      Bucheon Natural Ecology Museum 660 Gilju-ro (Chunui-dong) 700~1,500won 032-320-3000 • Experience learning for fresh water fish and dinosaur fossils
      Bucheon Pearl Buck Memorial Hall 61, 214beon-gil, Seongju-ro (Simgokbondong) Free 032-668-7563 • Exhibition of relics for inheriting the benevolent and sacrificing spirit of Ms. Pearl S. Buck
  • Major festivals of Bucheon
    • Major festivals of Bucheon
      Festival name Opening period Venue Host Festival contents
      Azalea Festival of Mt. Wonmisan April Whole area of Mt. Wonmisan (Behind the sports complex) Chunui-dong festival promotion committee
      •Diverse events including trips to flower road, and performances
      Cherry Blossom Festival of Mt. Dodangsan April Whole area of Mt. Dodangsan (Behind Bucheon branch of KEPCO Cherry Blossom Festival promotion committee
      • Diverse events including trips to flower road, and performances
      Peach Blossom Festival of Mt. Chundeoksan April Whole area of Mt. Chundeoksan (Behind Yeokgok Elementary School) Peach Blossom Festival promotion committee
      •Diverse events including trips to flower road, and performances
      Bucheon multicultural festival May Lawn plaza of the city hall Bucheon Migrant Worker’s House
      • Culture festival where migrants of the countries around the world are participating in
      Boksagol Art Festival May Bucheon city hall, central park, etc. The Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organizations of Korea Bucheon
      • Culture and art festival (competition, performance and exhibition)
      Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival (BIPAN) July City hall, citizens’ hall, outdoor theaters Organizing committee of Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival
      • The largest film festival in Asia with the themes of love, fantasy and adventure
      Bucheon International Cartoon Festival July – August Korea Manhwa Museum KOMACON
      •The best Asian cartoon festival
      Boksagol Youth Art Festival September Lawn Plaza of the city hall The Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organizations of Korea Bucheon
      • Art festival lead by teenagers
      Bucheon Animation Festival (BISAF) October Bucheon City Hall, KOMACON Organization committee of Bucheon International Animation Festival
      • Asia’s largest animation festival
      Festival of enterprises October Lawn plaza of the city hall Bucheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      • Festival for accelerating business activities and improving the motivation for management
      Citizens’ festival October Whole area of the central park Citizens’ festival promotion committee
      • Urban festival where the people of diverse classes participate in as a group