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  • Foreign resident support organizations in Bucheon
    • Foreign resident support organizations in Bucheon
      Name of Organization Phone Number Address Major Projects
      Gyeonggi Global Center 344-1412 4F, 10, 133beon-gil, Gyeongin-ro (557-5 Songnae-dong) •Base management organization of social integration program (Korean language education)
      •Mentoring for after-school learning for migrant children and teenagers
      •Consultation for problems of refugees, migrant workers, marriage-based immigrants and foreign students
      Friends without Borders
      345-6734 747 Buil-ro (4F, Shopping complex) •Consultation for problems faced by foreign workers
      •Consultation for multicultural families
      •Korean language classes, computer classes, children’s English and dance classes
      Bokdoen Korean Language Institute 611-6171 25, 8beon-gil, Jojong-ro •Korean language classes for foreign workers
      •Support project for multicultural families, support projects for the Myanmar community
      Bucheon Labor Welfare Center 679-2900 10 Sangojeong-ro •Korean language class for marriage-based immigrants
      •Living culture experience class (picnic, cooking class)
      •Job training for marriage-based immigrants (skin care specialist, barista)
      Bucheon Migrant Welfare Center 348-7575 19, 310beon-gil, Sosa-ro •Korean language classes, cooking, computer and children’s English
      •Community of 6 countries
      Bucheon Pearl Buck Memorial Hall 668-7565 61, 214beon-gil, Seongju-ro •Memorial hall, exhibition
      •Education & experience programs
      Byeolsarang Immigrants Center /
      Byeolsarang Daycare Center
      676-7812 25, 420beon-gil, Jungdong-ro •Korean language class
      •Consultation & accompanying services for migrant workers
      •Home visiting service & food sharing
      Segyero Local Children Center 676-7086 64, 363beon-gil, Gilju-ro, Wonmi-gu •Education & support for the children of multicultural and migrant families
      Samjeong Welfare Center 323-3162 52 Samjak-ro, Ojeong-gu •Self-help meeting for marriage-based migrant women
      •Korean Language classes for marriage-based migrant women (Beginner, intermediate)
      Simgok Welfare Center 665-6061 54, 9beon-gil, Simgok-ro •Korean language classes (operation of a daycare center)
      •Nail art, drama, English chorus club
      •Supporting for children’s language learning
      •Picnic for experiencing Korean culture, Multicultural family festival
      Asiasori 684-0244 Rm. 201, 20, 154beon-gil, Oksan-ro (Space DD) •Mutual culture education, operation of youth clubs
      •Korean language education, local resident clubs
      •Overseas support project (Nepal, Myanmar)
      Bucheon branch of Korea Multicultural Welfare Association 323-2472 3F, 386 Jungdong-ro •Self-help meeting of each country
      •Mujigae Jinggeomdari
      •Korean language education
      Labor Welfare Center 321-1310 Rm. 101, Complex 2, Bucheon Techno Park, 388 Songnaedae-ro •Korean language class for migrant workers (Night class during weekdays)
      Korea Pearl Buck Foundation 207-7179 Rm. 607, Morgan City, 81 Gilju-ro •Multicultural family support project
      - H (Health): Free dental treatment, etc.
      - E (Education): Scholarship, study room, multicultural understanding
      - L (Life): Supporting the vulnerable class with daily necessities, etc.
      - P (Social emotion): Motherland tour, camp, consultation, organization of aid association for marriage-based migrant women
      Bucheonsi Lifetime Learning Center 625-8484 2F, Bucheon citizens’ learning center, 403 Buheung-ro •Lifetime learning network support project
      •Free visiting lessons for lifetime learning
      •Excellent study group support project
      Bucheon Saenal School 667-7480 5F, 124 Wonmi-ro •Education for immigrant children, and children of multicultural families (Korean language training, preparation for qualification exam, etc.)
  • Foreign resident support organizations installed (designated) by the City of Bucheon
    • Bucheonsi Multicultural Family Support Center(☎ 032-327-1370)
      •Location | 60, 122beon-gil, Bucheon-ro, Bucheon
      •Support targets | Multicultural family (Marriage-based immigrants, marriage-based clans, children of multicultural family)
      •Support contents
      Support contents
      Project name Project contents
      Early settlement support Adaptation training, consultation, job training, etc.
      Home teaching project Providing language education, parent education and children’s life service by visiting homes
      Interpretation & translation services Providing marriage-based immigrants with interpretation and translation services
      Language development support Providing education programs for language development and improvement of each growth stage
      Korean language class Providing marriage-based immigrants with Korean language training courses depending on their level
      Tailored employment support Offering tailored job training to marriage-based immigrants, and providing employment opportunities
      Cooking class Offering cooking classes of side dishes, seasonal and traditional foods to marriage-based immigrants
      Korean culture experience Korean cultural relics and traditional culture experiences
      Bucheon Migrant Worker’s House(☎ 032-654-0664)
      •Location | 336 Gyenam-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon
      •Support targets | Foreign residents (Foreign workers, students, overseas Koreans, and other people holding foreign nationalities)
      •Support contents
      Support contents
      Project name Project contents
      Consultation for labor human rights & support for its handling Support for handling problems such as payment delays, industrial accidents, accidents, violence, fraud, death, workplace transfers, visa extensions, compulsory reserve funds, passport seizures, industrial site human rights abuses, etc.
      Medical welfare support Operating the Bucheon branch of the Medical Insurance Union, free treatment, emergency medical support for charity patients, support for international marriage families, operating shelters (temporary dwellings for patients, charity patients, sexual and family violence victims)
      Education & cultural support Education on Korean language, human rights, the Labor Standards Act, finance, crime prevention, multicultural and traditional events for each country, Korean language speech contest