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  • Civil service / consultation
    • Civil service / consultation
      Contents Phone Number Related organization
      Overall matters related to Bucheon, complaints, information 032-320-3000 Bucheon city (365 Call Center)
      Health insurance 1577-1000 National Health Insurance Corporation
      National pension 1355 National Pension Service
      Human rights abuse 1331 National Human Rights Commission
      Legal advice 132 Korea Legal Aid Corporation
      Victim of international marriage 02-333-1331 Hotline for victims of international marriage
      Electrical malfunction 123 KEPCO
      Post office 1588-1300 Korea Post
  • Living information
    • Living information
      Content Phone Number Related organization
      Information on phone numbers 114 KT
      Information on world time 116 KT
      Information on weather forecast 131 Korea Meteorological Institute
      Tourist information 1330 Korea Tourism Organization
      Traffic information 1333 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Emergency calls
    • Emergency calls
      Content Phone Number Related organization
      Emergency situations such as crime and traffic accident 112 Police agency
      General issues of the police such as missing children and runaways 182 Police agency
      Emergency situations such as fire, rescue and transportation of emergency patient 119 119 Call Center
      Report and prevention for gas-related accidents 1544-4500 Korea Gas Safety Corporation
      Report and counseling for family violence and sexual abuse 1366 Women’s Human Rights Institute of Korea
      Report for school violence and female violence 117(Text message #0117) Emergency support center for school and female violence (Police agency)