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  • Waste disposal
    • Household waste(☎ 032-625-3182)
      •Where to discard | 20:00 after sunset – 6:00 on the following day
      ※ ※ Do not discard after the garbage came and left, and on Saturdays and holidays
      •Where to discard | In front of each house where waste is collectable
      •How to discard
      How to discard
      Type How to discard Note
      General waste Use standard garbage bags and discard after 8p.m. Do not include recyclables and food wastes
      Large waste Report online, visit the community center Report the discarding date and place
      Recyclable waste Discard in the net for recyclable waste Do not include general wastes
      coal briquette ashes Discard in transparent bags Free collection
      Nonflammable waste Discard in nonflammable bags
      (gunny sacks)
      Waste not suitable for incineration among general wastes
      Food waste(☎ 032-625-3200~3202)
      •Where to discard | Put in food waste bags and discard in the collection container
      •How to discard
        - Rinse kimchi, salted food and pastes before discarding
        - Cut large fruits and vegetables into small pieces before discarding
        - Discard unrecyclable foods using a standard household waste bag
      Foods that should be discarded in a standard household waste bag
      Foods that should be discarded in a standard household waste bag
      Vegetables Vegetable waste with lots of fiber such as cabbage leaves, radish leaves, corn stalks (skin, corn silk)
      Fruits Hard-shelled fruits (walnut, chestnut, pineapple, seeds (peach, apricot, etc)
      Meats Hair and bones (Cow, pig, chicken, etc)
      Shellfish Shells of shellfish (clam, turban shell, abalone, oyster, etc.)
      Others Disposable tea bags (disposable tea bags made of paper or cloth)
      Recyclable waste(☎ 032-625-3192)
      •Where to discard | In front of the door for detached houses, collection depot for apartments
      •How to discard
        - Discard to the collection net: Plastics, plastic bottles, milk packs, CD, etc.
      (Empty and rinse the containers completely before discarding)
        - Tie-up before discarding: Discard disposable diapers and plastic-coated papers in standard household waste bags
      Large waste items(☎ 032-625-3194)
      •Where to discard | Reported place
      •How to discard | Report to the community center about the waste,and attach the authorized sticker before discarding
      •Major items (Household wastes that cannot be contained in the standard plastic garbage bag)
        - Furniture such as cabinets, stationary chests, desks, beds, chairs and sofas
        - Carpets, picture frames, bicycles, etc.
      •How to report
      How to report
      Internet (PC) Log on the Bucheon city homepage ⇒ pay fees ⇒ attach authorized sticker and discard
      Internet (Mobile) Log on the Bucheon city homepage ⇒ pay fees ⇒ discard after writing the content on a blank piece of paper
      Community center Visit the community center of the area ⇒ pay fees ⇒ attach authorized sticker and discard
      Onsite free collection of used home appliances(☎ 1599-0903)
      •Reservation | Used home appliance collection center (www.edtd.co.kr)
      •Items | Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, TV, microwave oven, air purifier, Dish washer, copy machine, dish dryer, vending machine, running machine, water purifier
      ※ How to process small home appliances (Iron, vacuum cleaner, etc)
        (1) Possible to report by visiting website or community center if disposing of more than 5 items
        (2) Possible to be collected together with large used home appliances
  • Traffic information (Bucheon bus ☎ 032-340-0999, Seoul Metro ☎ 032-1577-1234)
    • Information on buses of Bucheon city (Bucheon city traffic information center http://www.bcits.go.kr)
      Information on buses of Bucheon city (Bucheon city traffic information center http://www.bcits.go.kr)
      Bus information Location of stops, bus route, etc.
      Route search Information on bus routes when entering the points of departure and destination
      Parking lots Location of parking lots, fare, etc.
      CCTV Locations, purposes, etc.
      Information on subway (Seoul Metro http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr)
      Information on subway (Seoul Metro http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr)
      Subway route map 20 route maps of metropolitan lines, minimum times, shortest distance, minimum transfers, etc.
      Map service Map of the related station’s vicinity, major buildings
      Information on stations Fare and distance between stations, map of the vicinity, etc.
      Train schedule Train schedule for each line and station (Weekdays, Saturdays and holidays)
  • Information on employment
    • Bucheon employment center(☎ 032-625-8432~8)
      Tailored consultation and education for all citizens looking for a job – Providing one-stop service for quick employment opportunities, and finding good quality jobs for job seekers through employment support programs for each class
      •Business hours | Weekdays: 9a.m. – 6p.m.
      •Location | 351 Gilju-ro (5F, Bucheon Employment Welfare Plus Center, Jung-dong)
      •How to use
        - Visit the center (with ID) ⇒ complete the application ⇒ job consultation ⇒ tailored placement
        - One-to-one tailored consultation with a job consultant, education and employment, continuous follow-up management, etc.
      •Employment support project
        - Job training program for each class: Young people, middle-aged, elderly, job discontinued women, handicapped
        - Visiting consultation service: Haengbok Ilteo Support Center, Integrated Support Center for Small-loan Finance
        - Accompanied interview: A service for the people having difficulties with interviews
      •Job expo | Large-scale job expos (3 times a year), mini job expos (3 times a year), 19 days (6 times a year), Visiting employment service (Once or twice a month), permanent interviews (Once a week or on demand)
      Bucheon Iljari Cafe(☎ 032-625-8419, 8439)
      •Location | 43 Songnaedae-ro (In front of northern taxi stand in the first floor of Songnae Station)
      •Business hours | Weekdays: 10:00~20:00
      •Contents | Employment consultation, employment on demand, issuance of documents and book café
      ※ Employment support especially for young job seekers, operation of tailored mentoring and study for employment
  • Delivery & childcare
    • Delivery support(☎ 032-320-3000)
      •Support organization | Bucheon city
      •Support contents
      Support contents
      Name of project Targets Support contents Related department(s)
      Registration and management of pregnant women Pregnant women registered at health center (Including foreign families) • Pregnancy test, prenatal tests, final test
      • Provision of folic acid tablets (Max. 3 months)
      • Provision of iron tablets (Max. 5 months
      Health promotion department
      Sosa Health Center
      Ojeong Health Center
      Provision of a helper to mother and baby Families with incomes of less than 80% of the middle income
      (In case of foreign families, both parents should hold f-2, f-5 or f-6 visa, and be subscribed for health insurance)
      • Dispatch a helper for mother and baby for 2 weeks
      • Application: 34 weeks of pregnancy
      – 30 days after delivery
      Delivery preparation class Pregnant women (Including foreign families) •Management before and after delivery, understanding the delivery process, respiration method
      Breast-feeding clinic & baby massage Pregnant women of over 20 weeks
      (Including foreign families)
      •Breath-feeding posture, pain management, right baby massage, etc.
      Hearing screening test for newly born babies Newly born babies within 1 month of birth
      (Including foreign families)
      •Provision of hearing screening testing fee (coupon)
      Payment of maternity aid From the second baby or adopted baby (Residing in Bucheon
      more than 1 year)
      • 1 million won for the second child, 2 million won for the third child,10 million won for the 4th child Health promotion department
      Provision of sanitary goods Registered babies after Jan. 1, 2017
      (Pregnant women moved-in to Bucheon city before delivery)
      •Tympanic thermometer, baby bottle sterilizer, cotton diaper set or Onnuri gift card Health promotion department
      Book start service for all babies Family delivered in Bucheon city after Jan. 1, 2017
      (Including foreign families)
      • Program begins after receiving a bundle of books from public or small libraries
      • Application: Within 90 days after birth or adoption
      Wonmi Library
      Childcare support(☎ 032-320-3000)
      •Support organization | Bucheon city
      •Support contents
      Support contents
      Name of project Targets Support contents Related department(s)
      Free vaccination for pregnant women and multi-child Families having a pregnant woman and more than 3 children over the past 3 years •Free vaccination for influenza from Oct. as long as supplies last Health safety department
      Sosa Health Center
      Ojeong Health Center
      Free vaccinations for seasonal influenza of preschoolers Preschoolers from 6 months to 59 months old
      (Including the children without Korean nationality)
      •Free vaccinations every October
      Provision of homecare allowance Children under 5 and not using daycare centers • Children not using daycare centers (kindergarten) and full-time daycare services
      • Monthly payment of 100 – 200,000 won
      Childcare & children department
      Daycare service Children of double income family under 12 • Provision of service fee (part time, full time) depending on income Women & youth department
      Parental support for working moms Double income and single parent family with the children under 18 •Double-income family (less than 60% × 2 of middle income),
      single parent working moms (less than 60% of middle income),
      dispatching a housekeeper 4 times a month when mother or children are hospitalized for more than 5 days, regardless of income level
      Women & youth department
      Family dentist for children Children of low-income class (Lower income family, using local daycare center, including preschoolers) • Children of low-income class
      • Provision of dental inspections, tooth sealant, fluorine coating, cavity treatment, dental prosthesis treatment, etc.
      Health promotion department
      Multi-child support(☎ 032-320-3000)
      •Support organization | Bucheon city
      •Support contents
      Support contents
      Name of project Targets Support contents Related department(s)
      Issuance of Multichild support card support Families with more than 2 children &• Free for Bucheon city museums, parks, astronomical science museums
      • Reduction of fees for Bucheon FC’s games, and sports facilities
      9 city libraries
      Provision of standard plastic garbage bags Families with more than two babies or adopted babies •Provision of 50, 20-liter standard plastic garbage bags at once Resource circulation department
      Issuance of Gyeonggi I-plus card for multichild family The last child of families with more than 2 children Under 15 •Discount of goods for delivery and childcare, education, distribution and cultural events. (10~30%) Gyeonggi-do Call Center
      Provision of insurance fee from the 3rd baby Third baby or adopted baby • Apply at the community center within 90 days from birth or adoption report
      • Provision of insurance fee within 20,000 won per month (provided for 5 years with a 10-year guarantee)
      Reducing acquisition tax for multi-child families Vehicles of multi-child family with more than 3 children • Reducing up to 1.4 million won for normal passenger vehicles (5 seats)
      • Reducing the total amount for passenger vehicles with 7 – 10 seats, passenger vehicles with less than 15 seats and cargo trucks less than 1-ton
      Levy department
      Reducing water bill for multi-child families Families with three children under 18 •10% discount for water bills Water supply department
      Exemption of admission & reduction of fees Exemption of admission Families accompanied by more than 2 children • Free admission to the museums and eco parks of Bucheon city, and Bucheon Astronomical Science Museum Culture and arts department
      Park establishment department
      Reduction of fees for sports facilities Children of the family with more than 2 children Bucheon Sports Center, Sosa Sports Center, Ojeong Leports Center, Seongnae Social Sports Center Sports development department
      Reduction of admission for Bucheon FC’s games Families accompanied by more than 2 children • 20% discount for 2 children
      • 50% discount for more than 3 children
      Reduction of fees for public parking lots Vehicles of families with more than 3 children •Discount for multi-child families using Gyeonggi I-plus card Parking facility department
  • Health and medical services
    • Information on the acquisition of health insurance(For local subscribers)(☎ 1577-1000)
      Information on the acquisition of health insurance
      Classification Registered foreigners Nationality holders
      Report period •3 months after entry •Within 14 days from acquiring nationality
      Acquisition period •Upon acquiring a health insurance card
      ※ Different regulations will be applied to the people entering the country, and acquiring qualifications before December 17, 2014
      Nationality acquisition date
      (Retroactive application)
      Application process •Person directly involved (Immediately) •Person directly involved (Immediately)
      •Application by FAX: 4 working days
      Required documents •Alien registration card
      •Evidential documents for income
      •Statement for local subscriber
      •A copy of the resident register
      Information on the subscription for medical insurance union (People who are not qualified for health insurance) (☎ 032-654-0664)
      •Targets | Migrant workers and their children, foreign students, refugees and stateless people without health insurance whose entry date is six months before the application date
      •Required documents | A copy of passport, 2 photos (passport photo)
      •Membership fee | 10,000 won, monthly membership fee: 10,000 won
      •Venue | Bucheon branch of the Medical Insurance Union (Bucheon Migrant Worker’s House)
      •Member hospitals | 48 (7 general hospitals, 3 clinics for internal disease, 2 surgical clinics, 8 dental clinics, 3 maternity clinics, 25 others)
      •Note | Possible to receive treatment only within the hospital network of the Medical Insurance Union
      Member hospitals of the medical insurance union
      Member hospitals of the medical insurance union
      Name of hospital Phone Number Address Remarks
      The Catholic University of Korea, Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital 1577-0675 327 Sosa-ro, Wonmi-gu General hospital
      Daniel Hospital 032) 670-0001 361 Jungdong-ro, Wonmi-gu General hospital
      Daesung Medical Center 032) 610-1111 91 Bucheon-ro, Wonmi-gu General hospital
      Sejong Hospital 1599-6677 28, 489beon-gil, Hohyeon-ro, Sosa-gu General hospital
      21st Century Hospital 1577-7521 180 Gyeongin-ro, Sosa-gu Spine, joints, etc.
      Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Bucheon 032) 621-5114
      032) 621-6114
      170 Jomaru-ro, Wonmi-gu High-class general hospital
      Jung-dong Yonsei University 1588-7582 319 Gilju-ro, Wonmi-gu Spine, joints, etc.
      Information on medical services for the isolated class(☎ 1599-6677)
      •Targets | Homeless people, foreign workers and their children (under 18), marriage-based immigrants before nationality acquisition and their children, refugees and their children
      •Support limit | Max. 5 million won per visit
      •Support contents | Costs for hospitalization care and surgery
      Available hospital(s)
      Available hospital(s)
      Name of hospital Phone Number Address
      Sejong Hospital 1599-6677 28, 489beon-gil, Hohyeon-ro, Sosa-gu
      Foreign residents’ TB test and issuance of certificate(☎ 032-625-4198)
      •Targets | People from the countries highly susceptible to TB who want to change their visa status from shortterm to long-term (Study, employment, etc.)
      •Venue | Health Policy Division of Bucheon city (Public health center), Sosa Health Center, Ojeong Health Center
      •Procedure | Visit health center ⇒ complete the application for TB test ⇒ reception desk ⇒ TB test (Radiology unit) ⇒ Issuance of certificate 4 days after the test
      •Fees | Test (Free), certificate (2,000 won)
      Countries highly vulnerable to TB
      Countries in which the number of TB patients is greater than 50 per population of 100,000, and if the citizens of those countries hold visa qualifying group activities such as studying and employment
      ⇒ Nepal, East Timor, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, and the Philippines
  • Housing
    • Types of housings include multi-unit dwellings (Apartments, officetels, multi-household houses, multiplex housing) and detached houses
      Purchasing a house and the types of tenancy
      •Purchasing a house
      - Consider the direction and location of the house, transportation, its surrounding environment and future value
      - Check the ownership and mortgage through a certified copy of the real estate register •Full lease on a deposit basis
      - Pay a certain amount of security deposit to the home owner, and stay in the home during the contracted period
      - When the contracted period is over, collect the deposit, or renew the lease
      - Pay a certain amount of security deposit to the home owner, and pay monthly rent
      - If the existing full lease contract expires, the home owner and tenant may make another contract without raising the deposit, but the tenant should pay monthly rent instead, and it is called a “semi-lease”. (Recently popular)
      •Monthly rent | Pay a certain amount as a deposit, and pay monthly rent •Kkalse | Pay a certain amount of money every 1 – 3 years depending on the rented period
      Real estate acquisition report for foreigners(☎ 032-625-9324~5)
      Real estate acquisition report for foreigners
      Subjects to report Targets Reporting period Required documents
      Report of real estate acquisition realized by contract If foreigners acquire a real estate in Korea
      ※Report of trade if it is a general transaction
      Within 60 days from the contract date Statement, copy of building register, acquisition agreement of real estate, ID
      Report of real estate acquisition not realized by contract Inheritance, auction, use of redemptive right, final judgment of the court, merger of corporation Within 6 months from the acquisition date Statement, copy of building register, evidential documents for cause, ID
      Report of continuous possession of real estate and land For Korean citizens, domestic corporation or organization want to keep possession of the real estate when their nationality is changed Within 6 months from the date the nationality was changed Statement, copy of land register, evidential documents for nationality change, ID
      •Fines | No report on real estate acquisition (Max. 3 million won), No report on continuous possession of land (Max. 1 million won)
      Real estate brokerage commission rates(☎ 032-625-9331)
      Detached houses, townhouses and apartments
      Detached houses, townhouses and apartments
      Classification Price Rates Limit Remarks
      Trading & exchange Less than 50 million won 6/1,000 250,000 won VAT excluded
      Over 50 million won, less than 200 million won 5/1,000 800,000 won
      Over 200 million won, less than 600 million won 4/1,000  
      Over 600 million won, less than 900 million won 5/1,000  
      Over 900 million won Negotiable within 9/1,000  
      Lease Less than 50 million won 5/1,000 200,000won
      Over 50 million won, less than 100 million won 4/1,000 300,000won
      Over 100 million won, less than 300 million won 3/1,000  
      Over 300 million won, less than 600 million won 4/1,000  
      Over 600 million won Negotiable within 8/1,000  
      ※If taking out a loan except for security deposit, the transaction amount will be calculated by adding the amount created by multiplying the monthly loan by 100, to the deposit
      Classification Max. rate Remarks
      Trade & exchange 5/1,000 VAT excluded
      Lease 4/1,000  
      Land, shopping complex, etc
      Land, shopping complex, etc
      Classification Max. rate Remarks
      Trade, exchange & lease Within 9/1,000 of the transaction amount VAT excluded
      Special housing supply for multicultural families
      A system designed for multicultural families to purchase a house without a housing lottery competition
      •Qualification for application
        - As a member of multicultural family based on the article 2 of the “Multicultural Families Support Act”, the applicant should live in the same address as one’s spouse for more than 3 years
        - All the family members including the applicant should not own a house
        - The application date should be 6 months after subscribing for a subscription account, and the applicant should pay monthly more than six times by the contracted payment day
      •How to apply
        - Apply to the business entity according to the resident recruitment schedule of the desired housing
        - Check the recruitment schedule through a daily newspapers or city homepage
      Information on global real estate agencies (Foreign language available)(☎ 032-625-9331)
      Information on global real estate agencies (Foreign language available)(☎ 032-625-9331)
      Serial number Languages Global office Location Phone Number
      1 English kumho richensia real estate agent 7 Oksan-ro, Bucheon-si (Jung-dong) 661-4949
      2 Chinese 花郎房地产中介事务所 富川市富一路391番街17(深谷洞) 663-7070
      3 Japanese サンドンジャイ公認仲介士事務所 富川市 チョマルロ 52(上洞) 328-5088
      4 English real estate land real estate agents 87 Jomaru-ro, Bucheon-si(Sang-dong) 327-7000
      5 English Hyoseong real estate agent 24 Jungdong-ro 279beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Jung-dong) 323-6000
      6 English green real estate agent 13 Angok-ro, Bucheon-si (Goean-dong) 342-0880
      7 Chinese 世界房地产中介事务所 富川市凡安路26(槐安洞) 343-5522
      8 English gl real estate agent 54 Angok-ro 149beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Goean-dong) 341-8700
      9 English bareun real estate agent 130 Sosa-ro, Bucheon-si (Sosabon-dong) 343-9989
      10 Japanese ウリ公認仲介士事務所 富川市 素砂路 159(素砂本洞) 341-4988
      11 English gold real estate agent 78 Beoman-ro, Bucheon-si (Beombak-dong) 351-0088
      12 Japanese カンナム公認仲介士事務所 富川市 範朴路 77(範朴洞) 341-3000
      13 English hana real estate agent 705 Sosa-ro, Bucheon-si (Wonjong-dong) 673-1133
      14 English morning real estate agent 469 Yeokgok-ro, Bucheon-si (Gogang-dong) 677-8953
      15 Japanese カンナム公認仲介士事務所 富川市 遠宗路 12(遠宗洞) 682-2153
      16 English bora real estate agent 38 Bucheon-ro 476beonna-gil (Ojeong-dong) 683-2800
      17 Mongolian Сэхан Албан Ёсоор Хүлээн Зөвшөөрөгдсөн Зуучлалын Албан Газар Бучёон хот Уонжунру 79 тоот зам 6 675-5400
      18 English the very thing real estate agent 392 Bucheon-ro, Bucheon-si (Nae-dong) 675-3777
      19 English lucky real estate agent 62 Gyenam-ro, Bucheon-si (Sang-dong) 322-8800
      20 English Yeokgok-dong jangseungbaeki real estate agent 133 Jibong-ro, Bucheon-si (Yeokgok-dong) 342-0220
      21 Japanese ハンガン公認仲介士事務所 富川市 ソサロ794 ボンギル71(遠宗洞) 676-5900
      22 Chinese 东方房地产中介事务所 富川市 富川路 4-1 (深谷洞) 656-0022
      23 English somyeong real estate agent 26 Wonmi-ro, Bucheon-si (Simgok-dong) 653-0049
      24 English centreville real estate agent 35 Jibong-ro 77beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Yeokgok-dong) 347-9988
      25 English happy real estate agent 20 Buil-ro 460beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Simgok-dong) 664-5989
      26 English hansol real estate agent 8 Jojong-ro 83beon-gil, Bucheon-si (Wonmi-dong) 070-4136-2979
      27 English myeongseong real estate agent 501 Yeokgok-ro, Bucheon-si (Gogang-dong) 677-3533
      28 English richensia vip real estate agent 7 Oksan-ro, Bucheon-si (Jung-dong) 662-2444
      29 English happy real estate agent 33 Seongji-ro, Bucheon-si (Wonjong-dong) 672-8868
  • Civic counseling & reports
    • 365 Call Center for Bucheon City Hall – Phone consultations 24/7(☎ 032-320-3000)
      Consultation for all issues related to Bucheon (Including public welfare centers and community centers)
      • Business hours | Weekdays: 8a.m – 7p.m., Weekends & public holidays: 9a.m. – 6p.m.
      • Consultation areas | All areas related to Bucheon including resident registration, signet, passport, water supply, welfare, cleaning, etc.
      24/7 service portal of the government – Internet civil service(☎ 1588-2188)
      •Business hours | 24/7, 365 days
      •Service contents (More than 3,000 services including application and issuance of documents)
        - Issuance of documents: Abstract and copy of resident registration, land (forest) register, copy of building register, etc.
        - Civil service: Moving-in report, report of loss (withdrawal) of resident registration card
      Station Civil service center of the City of Bucheon(☎ 032-625-2422)
      Station Civil service center of the City of Bucheon
      Classification Bucheon Station civil service center Songnae Station civil service center Bucheon Yeollin Madang
      Businesshours 10:00~20:00
      (Weekdays only)
      (Weekdays only)
      (Weekdays only)
      Venue Bucheon Station building (Entrance of 3rd floor) In Bucheon Iljari Cafe (North of 1st floor, Songnae station) Sports Complex Station (First basement level)
      Services &•Abstract and copy of resident registration
      •Certification of seal imprint
      •Unmanned issuing machine
      •Administration consultation, etc
      •Abstract and copy of resident registration
      •Certification of seal imprint
      •Unmanned issuing machine
      •Administration consultation, etc
      •Unmanned issuing machine
      •Administration consultation, etc
      Free legal consultation(☎ 032-625-2422)
      •Venue | Public service center in the 1st floor of City Hall
      Free legal consultation
      Consultation dates Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
      Consultation areas Lawyer Tax accountant Labor attorney Qualified architect Licensed real estate agent
      Consultation hours 2p.m. – 5p.m.        
      Public Welfare Center(☎ 032-320-3000)
      Integrate 2- 5 community centers to make a central office (Public Welfare Center) at the center of the area, and provide onsite services related to resident living information by allocating more manpower and functions to it.
      •Business hours: Weekdays 9a.m. – 6p.m. (Closed on Saturdays and holidays)
      •Service content
        - Civil service: Moving-in, signature, family registration (birth, death), cigarette retail business, employment agency, etc.
        - Welfare: Welfare consultation and reception, support for basic livelihood recipients and single elderly
        - Life safety: Road repair (small-scale), road occupation & excavation (Less than 10m(length)×3m (width))
        - Health management: Operation of health center for 100-year lifespans (Alzheimer's disease, depression, stress test, medical examination)
        - Employment: Operation of “Employment consultation window” (Job offer, job search, employment consultation, one-stop job placement)
        - Sports for all: Free sports for all classes
        - Cleaning: Operating an environmental task force, processing complaints related to cleaning
      •Current public welfare centers
      Current public welfare centers
      Name of center Address Phone Number Area
      Simgok 2-dong public welfare center 25, 424beon-gil, Buheung-ro 032-625-5011 Simgok 2-dong, Simgok 1-dong, Simgok 3-dong, Wonmi 2-dong, Sosa-dong
      Wonmi 1-dong public welfare center 27, 136beon-gil, Bucheon-ro 032-625-5231 Wonmi 1-dong, Yeokgok 1-dong, Yeokgok 2-dong, Chunui-dong, Dodang-dong
      Jung-dong public welfare center 342 Buil-ro 032-625-5451 Jung-dong, Sang-dong
      Jung 4-dong public welfare center 15, 209beon-gil, Seokcheon-ro 032-625-5611 Jung 4-dong, Yakdae-dong, Jung 1-dong, Jung 2-dong, Jung 3-dong
      Sang 2-dong public welfare center 95 Jomaru-ro 032-625-5831 Sang 2-dong, Sang 1-dong, Sang 3-dong
      Simgokbon-dong public welfare center 19, 249beon-gil, Seongju-ro 032-625-6011 Simgokbon-dong, Simgokbon 1-dong, Songnae 1-dong, Songnae 2-dong
      Sosabon-dong public welfare center 433 Hohyeon-ro 032-625-6201 Sosabon-dong, Sosabon 3-dong
      Goean-dong public welfare center 38 Beoman-ro 032-625-6331 Goean-dong, Beombak-dong, Yeokgok 3-dong
      Seonggok-dong public welfare center 25 Seongo-ro 032-625-7011 Seonggok-dong, Gogangbon-dong, Gogang 1-dong
      Ojeong-dong public welfare center 172 Seongo-ro 032-625-7171 Ojeong-dong, Wonjong 1-dong, Wonjong 2-dong, Sinheung-dong