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  • Coping with traffic accidents
    • Coping with traffic accidents
      Procedure Coping with situations Detailed contents
      1 All passengers should be evacuated to a safe place •Evacuate to a safe place to prevent a secondary accident
      •Install a sign to inform other drivers (Warning triangle, torch)
      2 Call 119 for prompt aid and treatment •Prevent aftereffects through a quick treatment even if there was a light accident
      3 Check the information by filming the accident site Accident site, offender’s personal information, witness statement, etc.
      •Easy to film using a smart phone
      4 Call 112 to report the accident •Call the police for a quick process of the accident
      5 Report to insurance company •Report to the driver’s insurance company about the accident
      6 Disclose the faults of accident •Use the homepage or app for the standard of approving the fault ratio
  • Internet Homepage of the City of Bucheon
  • Current major organizations in Bucheon
    • Current major organizations in Bucheon
      Classification Name of Organization Phone Number Address Major Businesses
      City hall Bucheon City Hall 032-320-3000 210 Gilju-ro General administration of Bucheon City Hall
      Court Bucheon branch of Incheon District Court 032-320-1114 129 Sangil-ro (Sang-dong) Civil suit, criminal suit, registration
      Prosecutors’ office Bucheon branch of Incheon District Proscutor’s Office 032-320-4576 127 Sangil-ro (Sang-dong) Reception of criminal cases, investigation, handling
      Education office Bucheon Office of Education 032-620-0112
      219 Gyenam-ro (Jung-dong) Management of primary, secondary and lifetime education
      Police Wonmi Police Station 182(112) 84, 311beon-gil, Jomaru-ro (Jung-dong) Criminal investigation, traffic control, etc.
      Sosa Police Station 182(112) 70, 160beon-gil, Gyeongin-ro
      Ojeong Police Station 182(112) 631 Sosa-ro (Yeowol-dong)
      Fire station Bucheon Fire Station 1577-9007(119) 115 Sinheung-ro (Jung-dong) Fire prevention and fighting, first aid and rescue
      Tax office Bucheon Tax Office 032-320-5200 227 Gyenam-ro (Jung-dong) Business registration, VAT, income tax
      Post office Bucheon Post Office 032-310-7020 103 Sohyang-ro (Jung-dong) Mail acceptance, mailing, banking
      Employment & labor Bucheon branch of Jungbu Regional Employment and Labor Administration 032-714-8700 207 Seokcheon-ro (Sang-dong) Employment service, protection of labor conditions, safety management of business site, health promotion
      Bucheon Employment Welfare Plus Center 032-320-8900 351 Gilju-ro (Jung-dong) Employment support, job training, welfare consultation, low-interest loans
      Health Insurance Corporation Bucheon Nambu branch 1577-1000 386 Gyeongin-ro (Sosabon-dong) Insurance payment management, education and promotion of health insurance
      Bucheon Bukbu branch 1577-1000 70 Songnaedae-ro (Sang-dong)
      Legal Aid Corporation Bucheon branch of Korea Legal Aid Corporation 032-325-5322 8F, New Legal Town, 126 Sangil-ro (Sang-dong) Legal aid activities including legal consultation for secondclass citizens
      Immigration Office Incheon Immigration Office 032-870-6300 (1345) 393 Seohaedae-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon (Hangdong 7-ga) Immigration customs, foreign resident management, immigration offender investigation
  • Current foreign residents in Bucheon
    • Current foreign residents in Bucheon
      Classification Total China (Korean Chinese) China Vietnam Philippines Thailand USA Mongolia Japan Others
      Number of Residents 32,475 18,819 5,147 2,242 1,449 864 503 397 391 2,663
      Ratio (%) 100 58 15.8 6.9 4.5 2.7 1.5 1.2 1.2 8.2
      ※ Data from the Ministry of Public Administration and Safety, as of Nov. 1, 2015
  • General information
    • Population
      ▶ 849,506 residents, 332,122 households
      ▶ Population density 16,270㎢
      ▶ 53.4㎢(0.5% of Gyeonggi-do)
      ▶ Restricted development zone: 16.68㎢(31.2% of the total)
      Administrative district
      ▶ 36 Dongs, 693 Tongs and 4,980 Bans
      Administrative organization
      ▶ Head office: 6 bureaus, 35 departments
      ▶ Dong: 36 dongs, 29 departments
      ▶ Direct institution: 1 health center, 4 departments
      ▶ No. of public officials: 2,282 (Prescribed number)
      ▶ Business offices: 5 business offices, 21 departments
      ▶ 134 schools, 112,388 students (Including university students)
      ▶ 64 elementary schools, 33 middle schools, 28 high schools.
      5 other schools, 4 universities
      Number of businesses and employees in Bucheon
      ▶ 10,553 businesses, 72,633 employees
      ▶ Data of 2016 economy consensus announced at the end of June, 2017
      Base date
      ▶ As of May 31, 2017